Decoding Life's Mysteries with Global Big Data
Your Essential Research Assistant
Our Rare Disease Database, supported by the Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta (RITPRD) and Cyagen, integrates comprehensive and authoritative information from renowned international databases. This robust resource facilitates and enhances rare disease research efforts.
Visualizing Data Richness
Simplifying the Learning Curve for Rare Diseases
The Rare Disease Data Center (RDDC), an independent initiative by the Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta (RITPRD), is your comprehensive source for worldwide open-source data related to rare disease epidemiology, drugs, genetics, mutations, and animal models.
With a solid foundation in genetic big data resources, RDDC employs cutting-edge AI technology and bioinformatics to develop innovative tools such as Pathogenicity Predictor and RNA Splicer, all aimed at propelling rare disease research forward.
Timely Updates
The database information is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
Data Visualization
Visualizing complex data for easy understanding and data mining.
Data Streamlining
Streamlining research data while focusing on key information facilitates data analysis.
One-stop data service provides convenient data acquisition for scientists and medical practitioners.
AI and Bioinformatics Unite
Empowering Scientific Research
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