The Guangzhou Rare Disease Gene Therapy Alliance is created by the Zhuhai campus of Tsinghua University, along with a number of high-level institutions including colleges, research institutes, hospitals, innovative pharmaceutical companies, CDMO enterprises, investment institutions, and social organizations that are researching gene therapy for rare diseases. The alliance gained approval from the Guangzhou Bureau of Science and Technology after being registered, and is headquartered in Guangzhou.
The alliance will comply with national laws and regulations, abide by social moral standards, advocate for society's recognition and care for individuals and groups with rare diseases, and it will focus on integrating industry, academia, research, medicine, and other areas of expertise. The alliance aims to break down information barriers and integrate rare disease research and clinical resources. It will leverage emerging technologies such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and big data to create comprehensive solutions that empower the rare disease diagnosis and treatment industry, ultimately enhancing China's rare disease gene therapy capabilities.
This alliance is an open platform that welcomes all institutions committed to promoting the development of gene therapy for rare diseases and sharing the same goals as the alliance to voluntarily participate.

Membership Guidelines

To apply for membership in the alliance, the following conditions should be met
Enterprises should focus on technological innovation, attain a leading position in the industry, and obtain relevant qualifications and certifications required by the industry. Universities, research institutions, and hospitals should have advanced technology and expertise in their respective fields. Investment institutions should be registered and published by the National Development and Reform Commission or the Asset Management Association of China. Meanwhile, influential experts, scholars, and managers in the field are also welcomed to join.
Alliance members have the following rights
· The right to voluntarily join or leave the alliance;
· The right to nominate candidates for directorship positions within the alliance;
· The right to participate in government projects or open research projects of other members of the alliance as research tasks in the name of the alliance members;
· The right to priority and preferential use of shared platforms or technological achievements within the alliance;
· The right to participate in the alliance general assembly and vote on alliance work reports;
· The right to propose working proposals to the council and participate in the development of annual work plans.
Alliance members shall fulfill the following obligations
· Comply with the alliance charter;
· Not set up obstacles that hinder the transfer and promotion of the alliance's technological achievements;
· Maintain the confidentiality of alliance technologies and protect the intellectual property rights of the alliance from infringement;
· Undertake corresponding technological development tasks, provide corresponding resource support, and contribute to the close cooperation and mutual development of all parties involved;
· Provide relevant support as required by the council and secretariat.
Membership registration process
· Fill out the membership application form (see attachment for details).
· To apply for membership in the Alliance as a company, please provide the membership application form (stamped with official seal), the company business license (stamped with official seal), and the company's high-definition logo. To apply for membership in the Alliance as an individual, please provide the membership application form (signed by hand) and representative works/talent certificates obtained in the research field.
· Send the membership application form and relevant materials to Block F, Xiangxue International Apartment, No. 98 Xiangxue Ba Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. At the same time, please send the editable word version of the membership application form and unit high-definition logo or personal high-definition one-inch photo to the email address.The Secretariat of the Alliance will review and manage the relevant materials.
· The Alliance will review the materials and provide feedback within two months.
Withdrawal of alliance members
Alliance members who wish to withdraw from the alliance must submit a written notice to the Secretariat. If there are actions that seriously violate the alliance charter, the Executive Council may vote to expel the member.
Contact information
Address: No.98, Xiangxue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City
Telephone: 020-22216161, 18529255726, 18092066569