Exciting News | YIMA and Lumiere Therapeutics Announce Strategic Partnership for Advancing Gene Therapy

Release Time: 2023-06-30

In recent developments, Guangzhou YIMA Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (YIMA), a branch of Cyagen Biosciences, has announced a strategic alliance with Lumiere Therapeutics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Lumiere Therapeutics). This collaboration aims to pioneer the development of innovative gene therapy drugs. The primary goal is to harness the technical strengths of both parties and delve deeper into the intersection of artificial intelligence, delivery vectors, and gene-editing technologies. It also aims to speed up the application of artificial intelligence in gene therapy, aiding in the growth of gene therapy industry in China. The partnership will receive substantial support from the artificial intelligence innovation center of Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute, especially in AI algorithms, computational power, and data storage.


YIMA, a biotechnology firm on the rise, is using artificial intelligence to expedite the development of delivery vectors, a pivotal component in gene therapy. It has already achieved success with an AI-guided technology which developed precise prediction models in areas including ophthalmology, neurology, and liverrelated research. Notably, this technology has been awarded by the Project Excellence Award, the highest honor in the National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition.


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Lumiere Therapeutics is committed to developing genome editing tools and methods of cellular gene therapy, focusing on rare, stubborn, and aging-related diseases. It's one of the global pioneers in applying CRISPR technology to treatment genetic diseases. Lumiere has already developed a series of innovative genome editing kits that will be applied worldwide, to overcome patent hurdles in genome editing field.


"As a company jointly developed by the artificial intelligence innovation center of Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute and Cyagen Biosciences, we're employing artificial intelligence to achieve rapid screening processes that the traditional methods couldn’t accomplish. Such cooperation with Lumiere Therapeutics is definitely vital and indispensable." Said by Dr. Ren Sheng, Vice President of YIMA.


Echoing Dr. Sheng's sentiment, Dr. Hu Yang, CEO of Lumiere Therapeutics, emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in the gene therapy sector. "In our alliance with YIMA, we are actively striving to break through long-standing patent and technical barriers in gene therapy industry of China and promoting the industrial transformation of technical methods." he added.


About YIMA

Established in 2022, YIMA is a collaboration between the artificial intelligence innovation center of Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute and Cyagen Biosciences. It offers AI-guided gene therapy vector design and screening services, aiming to satisfy the industry's need for efficient, cost-effective screening of suitable AAV vectors for gene therapy.


About Lumiere Therapeutics

Founded in 2021, Lumiere Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of genome editing tools and methods for cellular gene therapy, focusing on medication for rare, stubborn, and aging-related diseases. The company has developed novel genome editing kits that can be freely applied worldwide, leading the way in gene therapy advancements.